Your website sucks because your forms are too long

That magical moment.

The moment somebody clicks a button that says Contact Us. (Or Get a Demo, or Start Free Trial, or Subscribe, or Download Report.)

It means they’re willing to trade some personal information for what you’re offering. It means your website works!

So, don’t push your luck.

They expect to see a form after that click. And as long as the form is asking for relevant, reasonable info, they’ll probably fill it out.

On the other hand, imagine they’ve searched for “mesothelioma lawyer” and they see this:

The form doesn’t even fit on the screen. It asks for address, phone number, and email - should they expect a call, a message, and a home visit? Do they want that?

Imagine they decide to download a white paper and they see this form:

Is it worth sharing your job title and company revenue to read a white paper? Is it even worth typing that information to read a white paper?

Here's what you can do

Consider these two rules of thumb. In general,

  • Shorter forms mean more form fills

  • You should only ask for information you obviously need

No doubt the sales team wants the name, address, phone number, blood type, and astrological sign of everyone who visits your site. You know, just in case!

But from a visitor’s perspective, it should be clear why you’re asking, and what you’re going to do with the information.

Scheduling a 1-on-1 demo? Company size is probably relevant. Downloading an infographic? Not so much.

Given these rules of thumb, audit every field on every form on your site and ask:

Do we need this? Is it clear to the visitor why we need this?

If not, just remove it.