Your website sucks because you won't close the deal

I get it, you don’t want to be too pushy, too sales-y.

Your website exists to inform, to build awareness and reputation, not just to sell something.

But … you do sell something, right?

If so, don’t get so caught up in storytelling and education that you neglect to mention it.

Let’s say you’ve heard good things about this product, so you google them and visit their homepage. What can you do here?

It’s note exactly obvious what they sell - some kind of platform? But if you want to take action, you can download a report 😴 or Let Them Help.

So you click that button and visit another page. What can you do here?

Not a whole lot. You can read, you can read more, or you can Explore Their Platform. Why not try it?

Here you can … continue to explore, continue to read, or if you want to get to work you can Find Out How.

Except “Find Out How” leads you back to the page you came from.

So … what can you do here?

Here's what you can do

Have a single, relevant, clear next step for website visitors to take, and repeat it throughout your site.

Make it the most prominent button in your header navigation, feature it on your homepage, add it as its own section to other high traffic pages on your site.

Check out the Shopify homepage. What can you do here?

There’s plenty of informational content, and links to explore that content deeper. But you know right away that a free trial is the way to get started. (And if you forget, those pages will remind you, too.)

As you learn about the product, knowing that this is the next step helps make the information you consume more relevant.

You’re not studying Shopify to write a book report about it. You’re trying to make a decision. And a simple, repeated call to action helps you frame the decision and be purposeful your research.

Give your visitors the gift of this clarity.