Your website sucks because you won't stop bragging

You know and I know that your product is amazing. Everyone who tries it loves it. Very intelligent people are talking about it.

It makes sense that you want to communicate this to your website visitors. 

But is it possible you're being ... a little heavy handed about it?

Here's the thing: Most people coming to your website don't know you, don't necessarily trust you yet.

So when you tell them how smart you are, all they really learn is that you're self-centered. Ever been on a date with someone who talks nonstop about themselves?

It's great that you've developed a broad suite of solutions, won some big name customers, and made the news recently - but the time to bring this up is probably after mentioning what you can do for your website visitors:

It's cool you've gotten some press, but is sharing that really more important than ... offering your actual product to the people who came to your website to learn about it?

Here's what you can do

Think fast: What problem causes people to seek you out in the first place? How does it feel to have that problem? What is life like after you solve it for them?

Talk about this on your homepage.

If you want some inspiration, notice how GMB Fitness addresses the "I'm getting older and I wish I was in better shape" problem:

or how Mailchimp targets anyone thinking "I'm tired of managing multiple tools for marketing and selling online"

Notice, too, how both sites use words like "your" and "you" and "yourself" - if your website copy uses these words, you're on the right track.

There's no shortcut to convincing people to love your product. You have to get them to try it first.

And the way to get them to try it is to demonstrate that you understand their problems.


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