Your website sucks because you literally block the user's path

When you added that chat widget, you placed it unassumingly in the bottom right of the user's screen:

So when you decided to try out that discount-for-email-opt-in widget, you put it safely in the bottom left:

Plenty of space left over for visitors to read your amazing copy, marvel at your striking visuals, click your irresistible buttons.

Except on mobile.

On mobile, your various widgets are scrunched together till they take up 57% of thumb-reachable screen real estate. Which sucks for visitors who don't want to engage with the widgets. Which is probably most visitors.

There's slippery slope between "annoying to the users" and "costly to the business."

And that slope gets extra steep where the widgets meet a button or link that's tied to revenue.

Like, say, Add to Bag:

or Schedule a Demo:

Covering up these buttons is like putting yellow police tape around your cash register and asking customers to crawl under it. It's like answering a sales call and saying "oh hey thanks for reaching out, lemme put you on hold for a minute."

People will deal with it. It won't drive your revenue down to zero. But it sucks.

Here's what you can do

Decide what these widgets are actually worth to your business.

(This can be a data-informed decision - hit Reply if you want to talk about how to do that. Or you can just use your gut - I trust you.)

Then, choose one of the following options according to your comfort level:

  • Remove the widgets from the site entirely

  • Remove the widgets, but add the corresponding functionality to the navigation

  • Remove the widgets on pages where conversions happen

  • Remove the widgets on pages where conversions happen, for mobile visitors only

  • Minimize the widgets on pages where conversions happen, for mobile visitors only


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