Your website sucks because you leave visitors hanging

With all the effort you spend acquiring and tracking website visitors, you'd think you might give them somewhere to go, no matter which direction they wander. But no.

You entice us with the promise of all-day comfort flex shorts, but when we decide to order a pair in size Medium, you leave us with nothing to click, nowhere to go.

There's no "notify me when it's in stock" or "reserve your pair" or "try this instead." Just existential despair.

Your homepage invites us to read about your company, so we do. Which apparently flatters you so much you're unable to think of where we ought to go next.

You urge us to watch the cinematic masterpiece that is your Product Overview Video ... okay, fine. But when it ends, we're alone in a darkened theater, awkwardly holding a bag of stale popcorn. And when we close the window, we're staring at the same "Watch Our Video!!!" button we just clicked.

Here's what you can do

Open Google Analytics and select Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

Set the date range to the last month or two.

For each of the most-visited pages, open it in your browser and visually confirm: is there a clear and logical "here's what to do next" button on the page?

If so, feel relieved - maybe even a little smug. If not, add one.

Work down the list until you hit pages with very few views. It won't take long. Your visitors will thank you.


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