Your website sucks because it's trying to impress me

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

You can use fancy CSS to cause every element of your page to slide in, slide up, slide down, or spiral onto the screen as you scroll.

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw this kind of animation back in 2009 I said “ooh.”

So I understand if you had the same reaction when your website design came in for review, and you saw all those moving pieces.

Since 2009, though, I’ve seen something else. I’ve seen lots of humans using websites, and when humans use websites they like to scroll and scan.

And all those impressive animation effects mean you can scroll, but you can’t scan.

These effects are all over the internet because they look impressive to the people who pay website designers.

Not because they have any effect on website visitors, beyond slowing them down, frustrating them, or possibly creating the impression that the site is broken.

Here's what you can do

Give your homepage one last, lingering, slow scroll. Let out a wistful “ooh.” Then kill the animations.

What you’ll get is a page that feels fast, and facilitates the finding of information. Which is what people came to your website for!