Your website sucks because it's a bamboozle

Not literally - I don’t mean you’re selling my info without my consent (though some of you are) or advertising a product that you’ll never deliver (though that happens too).

I’m talking about the way that you promise me something to get me to your site, then fail to keep that promise.

Say I’m searching for an industry veteran to help steer my startup. I search for “hire startup advisor” and see this result:

That seems like just what I need - a vetted consultant who can help me with strategy. Someone who specializes in startups.

Here’s the page I land on:

Sorry, what?

Don’t get me wrong, project managers are so important, but that’s not at all what I searched for, or clicked on.

It’s like I sat down to eat at a restaurant and the server is trying to sell me a boat.

Here's what you can do

Make the landing page match the link your visitors clicked.

That’s it.

If you’re doing SEO, make sure your content actually answers people’s questions (don’t just write it to please Google).

If you’re running ads, make sure you don’t buy keywords without having a relevant page to send people to.

If you’re running a lot of ads, too many to track, and you’re really not sure who’s landing where or what they’re doing when they get there, consider that you may be wasting a ton of money.

And complicating your operations unnecessarily.

And bamboozling tons of unwitting visitors.