Your website sucks because it won't sit still

Carousels and image sliders are bad for conversion and user experience. This is a well-worn topic among people who care.

They’re distracting, they look like ads, they’re hard to click on. They’re problematic for people using screen readers.

But you still have one, don’t you? You might even be putting two on the same page:

For the sake of conversions, and your visitors’ eyeballs, please stop.

Here's what you can do

Replace your carousel with a single panel.

Use the message, image, and call to action that is most relevant to most of your customers.

Put everything else below it.

Maybe that’s not an option, because you don’t know which message is most relevant. Or your team can’t agree which message is most relevant.

In this case, test it.

Google Optimize is free. Setting up an experiment to swap out images and copy is a low-to-medium effort technical lift.

Optimize for leads or sales if you get a lot of them, button clicks if not.

Let your visitors pick a winner.

If your team can’t agree on the single most important message your visitors need to hear … and isn’t willing to let visitors decide for them … well, we tried, didn’t we?

Sucks for you. And your visitors.