Your website sucks because IDK what you want from me

Offer me 10% off and I’m grateful.

Offer me 10% off plus a $30 discount and I appreciate it, but you’re making me do math. Do I want the 10% before the $30 or after? 🤔

Offer me 10% off, plus a $30 discount, plus a $30 rebate, and now I’m just wondering what you’re up to.

And yet:

It’s true that people love discounts, and that you probably see an increase in sales when you offer one.

But it’s also true that nobody much cares for doing math, or weighing competing discount options. Especially before they’ve even decided whether they want to buy.

This “pile of promos” model is mostly an ecommerce problem, but SaaS sites put their own spin on it.

Here’s a collection of buttons from the homepage for a data privacy product:

I appreciate the choose-your-own-adventure spirit of this offering, but how am I to know which path makes sense?

If I choose a plan, do I still get a free trial? If I start a free trial, I can always Talk to Sales later … right?

Here’s another button collection:

What’s the difference between these actions, and how should I choose?

If I get a quote, can I not get a demo as well, and vice versa? And isn’t requesting a demo … a way of contacting you? 🤯

Here's what you can do

Do the work for your visitors.

Which path should most customers follow? Make that the most prominent action. Others can be secondary - make them ghost buttons, or text links, or even push them to the footer.

Which discount applies to the majority of shoppers? Share that one first, and share the others only in context.

Just because you make the other buttons smaller, or move them to the footer, doesn’t mean nobody will find and use them.

But it does mean that most visitors will take the action that’s appropriate for … most visitors. And nobody will give up and leave because you made them think too hard.